City and Village.

The loudness of city and calmness of village.

Wheat fields in the rays of sun in Village Youljuk Thang

“I prefer village to live a calm, happy and peaceful life.”

City is a place where energy is very high and thus life is unstable. We cannot find peaceful and calm surroundings there.

Jammu city

Noise is always there even at night vibrating the tympanic membrane of our ear 24 hrs. The irritating sound bounces in our head corner to corner and does not want to go back. Many problems like shortage of water, dirty water which is a cause of water borne diseases. Some times we have no water for consecutive days thus we have dried up faces and curled hair unwashed until the water reaches. We have to wait for a long time. One of the big problem in city is the Pollution. Garbages on the road sides, in the canals, street dog and cockroachs wandering around. The high density of city in terms of population and the conjusted buildings is another big problem. The narrow paths along which I feel buried between buildings and garbages. The more the dense city the more the crime is there, like in Delhi there is more crime than other cities. Also the social life is not well in cities like in villages. We cannot find helping, kind and trusting neighbours like that of villages. City people are violent where as people in villages are calm and good, like the noise difference in city in village.

So all this snatches the happy, calm, peaceful and wonderful life of every human.

Waving trees and wheat fields in village Thang

In village, the clear open and the open calm sky is enough for me. The environment is very silent, beautiful, clean and tidy. The waving fields in the gentle blow of the fresh 🍃💦air with the flowers grown themselves along the banks, with the channel of fresh, cool water in between the fields, the chirping cute little fancy birds on the branch of tree adds beauty. With all these I want nothing from the materialistic world, but to walk in the fields without harming them, letting the gentle air to blow on my face.

The name humanity is meaningless in cities and meaningful in villages…..GMT

To be continued……..


The snowy winter❄⛄

Youljuk Thang.


Here the whole land is white covered with the meter thick blanket of white shiny snow.

Sun rays falling on the snow, adding a glittering surface to the snow .

The trees looks naked, brown coloured with only branches left, like they are resting after a long race of photosynthes.

Trekking to Mamlate (A short story)

Written on 13th April.

Today on 13th April we 8th and 6th class boys are going on a trekking on a beautiful hill namely as Mamlate ( A beautiful mountain in Harwan Kashmir). It was a sunny day and all the boys were happy today.

Then on 11-am all of us prepared and took some eatable items so that on reaching Mamlate we have some refreshments. We made groups of students as we were told to move in groups by our teachers, beacuse there would be wild animals such as bear. So  I took my bag with Fayaz Iqbal and Ali Jinnah my classmates and they were in my group.

Then we started “the trekking to Mamlate”. On the gate we were counted and there was about 50 students. Then we walked slowly through the road. After five minutes we reached on the hilly way to Mamlate, that was roughly and very slopy narrow. We climbed slowly and after 15 minutes we reached on the top of a small hill. Mamlate was still far from us and we have to climb about four such slopes (hills) to reach Mamlate. We took rest there and enjoyed the seenery of Srinagar from there. The seenery of Dal Lake was very beautiful and plaesing from there small hill. There was big rocks, and the way to Mamlate was very slopy and rough from there. There were  big rocks in the way and bushes also. We were going higher and higher towards the sky. The sky was very clear. The whole cluster of students split into two and my group also split into two. I and Fayaz was on one way Ali Jinnah was on another way with some other friends. They had gone ahead leaving behind us. We rested in the way for few minutes. There were pine tree s in the way as we move forward. In the way we met other friend Nazir and we slowly climbed the hill together.

After 40 minutes from that small hill we reached Mamlate. I Saw beautiful grassy plains there that was very big and nice. A little bit higher there was a forest and also snow was there. We met Ali Jinnah the friend lost in the way there. We took some rest and enjoyed our refreshments and conversation on the grass. Then we wandered for some time on the grass land. Some boys went to forest and some down the hill. After that we decided to go in the forest and went there. There was a lot of Snow on that sunny day. We all were very excited. We played snow ball fighting there for an hour and enjoyed a lot and then we returned to the grassland on the hill. We found small huts on that hill made up of mud and stick. Nomadic people leaved there for some time with there cattles.

We all were very happy and played there very much. Then we came back to hostel through a busy way that another path. In the way we observed may exciting things like wonderful plants and rocks also.

(Written in hostel on 13th April 2013 when I was in 8th class).

Written by……….Gh Mohd Turrani(GMT).